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Northridge Alumni News & Information
If you have a news or information item that would be of interest to other NHS alumni, please send to the website coordinator. 

              My First Job                
My first job (9 yrs old - 1944) was at a Aldrich's Sunoco Service Station at 2800 North Dixie Highway in Northridge, Dayton, Ohio.

illed oil bottles, washed windshields and rear windows, mirrors, emptied ashtrays, wet toweled dash board ------
all service free for customer, got tips plus $0.25 per hour!
Bought my 1st (almost new) Schwinn bicycle. It had knee action on front wheel, chrome fender with streamlined
headlight on the front, chrome panel in middle of frame with a push button horn, large bright leather seat with coiled springs on corners, and custom Schwinn reflector on rear fender, AND White Wall Tires! Bought it
from the gas station owner for $25 and bought it on extended payments of $5 per week! 
Schwinn Black Phantom (This pix is of the exact bike I had...pix on internet say the one in this pix is from 1950...Mine was an Arnold Schwinn
just like this.
“My new Phantom sure is a beauty. All the fellows say it’s the swellest looking bike in town.” Sure is the swellest.    Schwinn Phantoms were the most bodacious, luxurious, and feature-filled bicycles on the road.  There was the deluxe leather saddle, the patented spring fork, built-in horn, streamlined tank, Schwinn fender lights and an automatic brake light, an integrated lock.

Many years ago, I found a replica of that bicycle in green...still have the replica...paid $25 for the replica!   :)

Thanks for sharing and nudging me into remembering my first job & bicycle.
Bill Sandifer, NHS class of 1953
Editor's note - Bill was president of his class,  played sports, U.S. Army veteran and is a frequent contributor to the NHS Alumni Bear Facts.

        Northridge Football Awarded All Academic       

Anthony Carroll receives another individual award and he is the only player selected in the SWBL. One-hundred ten were selected for the state team out of 30,000 eligible players.

Great accomplishment Anthony. The Polar Bear Alumni salute you and the entire football team on their selection.

          Flyin' To The Hoop
Watch video of the Polar Bears at  "Flyin' To The Hoop"on the NHS Bear Facts sports page (see index at left).

     Northridge Sports & Screen Printing      

Northridge Sports & Screen Printing has been selected for the 2015 Best of Dayton Awards for Screen Printing Services.
Northridge Sports & Screen Printing is located at 4618 North Dixie Drive. It is owned by Jeff and Pam Baker, NHS alumni of the classes 1988 and 1989.


Stephen Dale Marlowe, NHS Class of 1992

Stephen Dale Marlowe


Karen Smith Forrer, my high school English teacher, gave me a monogrammed folio when I graduated, with the stipulation that I use the pad within to write the great American novel.

I made sure to copy the first page of Digging Up The Bones onto it when I completed the final draft. Write? Check.

As for the great, American, and novel, looks like I’m in luck. Apparently, good enough American stories will meet those requirements. I’m delighted.


The voters in the Northridge Local School District voted to approve a bond issue and maintenance levy to build a new consolidated school. The State of Ohio will supply forty-two million dollars of the fifty-five million dollar project. Ground breaking is expected to start sometime in 2016 and possibly be ready for the 2018/2019 school year.

  When Dayton was Home to the Gypsies 
To the complete article, CLICK HERE.

The Sauer Tarzinski Education Fund, hereafter referred to as STEF, is dedicated to education enrichment for students of the Northridge Local School system. STEF shall engage in activities including but not limited to:

(1)  Providing funding for teachers to use field trips, guest speakers, demonstrations, assemblies and/or any other purpose that be of benifit to the education of students of Northridge Schools.

(2)  To receive contributions and donations of money, other property or services so that the purposes of STEF may be carried out.

(3)  To do all things necessary or incidental to carry out the foregoing purposes.

We are always looking for people who want to get involved and help Northridge students. A little time today may help many  students tomorrow. Consider attending one of the STEF meetings.

 To view the complete story about the STEF organization, please visit our website HERE. 

Check out these fine wheels owned by NHS alumni. Have a special car, submit a picture, HERE, of your car for posting on the alumni car show.  
Click on yellow convertible to go to the car show.

1955 Chevrolet BelAire and 1955 Ford Thunderbird
Old Northridge High School

NHS Alumni Car Show
Click On Yellow Car For Ticket To Car Show

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