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Northridge Alumni News & Information
If you have a news or information item that would be of interest to other NHS alumni, please send to the website coordinator. 

Never forget who you're singing for

  Mirepoix Pictures Presents NightSong  
John Adrian Riley, NHS 1958, and Jeremy Greenwell star in this new film. Nightsong tells the story of Kevin Hall, a music journalist who's devotion to his career has put immense strain on his personal life. Kevin doges his next interview to travel to Appalachia to interview Lester Ervin, a once-renowned folk musician who peaked in the 1960's. The film examines how the choices we make affect our lives. Though Kevin's journey, we contemplate man's capacity for change and explore one's need for connection: to our land, to our past, and to one another.

  Father and Grandfather In World War II 


William E, King and Jack King (1939), grandfather and father of Judy (1968), Janice (1971), and Joy (1978). Dayton newspaper 1941 or 1942.
Jack was a member of the NHS class of 1939.
Heroes...? bet...

1950 - 1951 Winter Snow Story

Here's a story that happened when I was 15...involving Darrell Goodrich, Don Ash, Don Haer, Gilbert Clyde, Curt Whiteted, and myself...all in the Class of 1953...there were others but I can't think exactly who.

The snow the winter of 1950-51 never seemed to go away. We all got antsy...just like this winter.
Don Haer's father was a brick contractor.  He had lots of equipment...specifically a Ford
Tractor.  Don had access, for the most part, to anything he wanted to use.  He came up
with an idea for all of us to have some fun.

We gathered at his house with our sleds.  We hooked this heavy duty tow chain onto the
tractor, then into the 1st sled.  The 1st guy laid on his sled and put his feet into the sled behind him...etc etc...
I was the Last Guy in the chain...I sat upright and dragged my feet in the snow to balance
the torque of the Line so we would keep the line upright as we went around curves.  There were
NO Bare spots on the snow removal...once in a while some cinders.

I can't remember where we didn't go...we started out on Coronette, across the dual hiway
down into the Platte...all over that area.  After a while of driving, Don Haer got bored...  He began
experimenting how he, as the driver, could "Crack The Whip"...with me being "the tassle"...
He got really good at it...we all held our own with his shenanigans.  Finally, he found a street
corner that was excellent for a Great Whip Snap !!  He didn't give me any heads up and I
wasn't prepared.  He did it perfectly...  I had a WWII Sheepskin Bomber Jacket on that
really protected me the whole night. THEN...this Super "SNAP" took place... I got thrown
into a post holding one end of a about dozen mailboxes.  My momentum took all those mail boxes down
and broke the post off at the ground.  I hit with the outside of my shoulder...thought I'd
broken something for sure...just stunned me and scared me of what could have happened.

He slowed down after that and we made our way to his home.        Bill Sandifer, Class of 1953

   HALL OF FAME Class of 2014   
☼ Peggy Elkins Coleman, class of 1960
☼ Kenneth L. Fink, class of 1958
☼ Clarence A. Flora, business, posthumous
☼ Tom F. Lensch, class of 1960
☼ Phyllis Crowden Richards, class of 1962
☼ Jodie Phipps Wilson, Class of 1977
Congratulations to all the inductees, they are good role models for all Northridge students.

     Couple's  passion is  homemade  meals    

 NOTE: Bob Bianco is a member of the NHS class of 1955.


Continued below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


   Anna Ullmer Scott , Class of 1973  
 Anna operates a Pet Food Pantry to supply the elderly & the less fortunate with food for their pets. Donations of pet food items can be dropped off at 4 different locations: (1) Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church, 7505 Taylorsville Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424, (2) Spring Creek Nursing Home, 5440 Charlesgate Rd., Huber Heights, OH (3) Shiloh Animal Hospital, 5321 North Main Street, near the Barn Sider Restaurant and (4) Pet Supplies Plus on Main St. in Centerville, OH.
 Cash donations are also accepted. Make checks out to the Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church, pet food fund. Anna is trying to keep pets in the owners home so they do not have them surrendered to the shelters for lack of funds to feed them. If you need information, call Anna Ullmer Scott at 937-776-1944.


       1993  Alumni's New Book        
Sarah Hensley Montz, class of 1993, has written a book.
The title is Our Wild Card and should be available this summer.
A website will soon be up at

Nolan Jones

Michigan Hires  Nolan Jones As Director of Football Operations

Michigan has hired Nolan Jones, NHS 1998, as its director of football operations, according to's  Pete Rousse.

The Wolverines had an opening on their administrative staff after associate athletic director for football Mike Vollmar left April 25 for a job at Tennessee.

They filled the opening with Jones, who was hired at Southern Mississippi just three months ago as the Golden Eagles'   assistant athletic director for football operations.

Before that, Jones held the same post at Kentucky, where in 2012 he was one of three finalists for the director of football operations of the year award.

Jones also spent five years in the Big Ten as Northwestern's director of football operations.

He hails from Northridge High School in Dayton, Ohio, the same hometown as Michigan coach Brady Hoke.  Jones was a first-team All-Ohio placekicker at Northridge High School. He began his collegiate career at Miami (Ohio). An injury, however, ended his kicking career before his freshman year. Jones then transferred to Eastern Kentucky, where he was an assistant coach in 2000-01 at Madison Central High in Richmond, Ky. He earned his bachelor's degree in sports management and a master's degree in sports administration from EKU. He and his wife, Crystal, have two sons, Brycen and Parker.


Dan Pfaff, Northridge Hall of Fame, Class of 2004

Dan Pfaff has been named to the dual roles of Head Coach of the World Jumps Center and Human Performance Director of the World Athletics Center, based in Phoenix, Ariz.

Pfaff, who has coached nine Olympic medalists and five world record-holders during his famed 39-year career, was appointed by World Athletics center founder John Godina.

"Coach Pfaff represents the highest level of coaching in our sport," said Godina, a four-time World Champion and two-time Olympic medalist in the shot put. "Over the course of his long career, he has demonstrated an innate ability to develop champion athletes, and his record stands with the giants in athletics history. The World Athletics Center feels strongly that coaches with experience, success, and continued interest in evolving deserve a place to free their minds and do what they do best—coach and teach. Coach Pfaff will be doing just that."

‘Coach Pfaff represents the highest level of coaching in our sport.’ John Godina

In his roles at the World Athletics Center, Pfaff will have responsibilities for elite athlete development, coach’s mentorship and education curriculum development, and human performance research and development.

Most recently, Pfaff served from 2009 to 2012 as director of the UKA High Performance Centre in London, and coached Greg Rutherford of Great Britain to a gold medal in the long jump at the 2012 Olympic Games in that city. Rutherford is training at the Phoenix, Ariz., facility. Athletes re-locating to Phoenix to work with Pfaff include 2008 Olympic gold medalist Steve Hooker; 2007 World Champion and American Record-holder Brad Walker; 2007 World Champion high jumper Donald Thomas of the Bahamas; and UK pole vault national record-holders Holly Bleasdale and Steve Lewis.

"After having so much success with Coach Pfaff I knew I would follow him to prepare for the Rio Olympics 2016," said Lewis. "When I found out he was going to be working at the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, it was an instant relief. John Godina has really made a huge step forward for the development of track and field and the environment it’s creating is awesome. Here I can work with the best coaches in the world, train with international training partners, and enjoy an amazing climate all year round."

Earlier in his career, Pfaff served NCAA coaching stints at the University of Texas-El Paso, Louisiana State University, University of Texas, and University of Florida. While at the college level, he coached 29 individual national champions. Among his other positions, he has served as a coach in the Nike Oregon Project; special projects director of Sparq, Inc.; COO for Tiger Bar Sports; and director of track and field for the USOC Olympic Training Center at Chula Vista, Calif.

Pfaff has served on the coaching staffs of five countries for five Olympic Games and six countries for nine World Championships teams. He has lectured in 27 countries and consulted with players or teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, Canadian Winter Olympics programs, WTA, and European Soccer leagues. The most-decorated superstar of the sport coached by Pfaff is Donovan Bailey, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist and former world-record-holder at 100 meters.

‘The World Athletics Center aspires to be the most stable training and coaching environment in the world.’ Dan Pfaff

"The World Athletics Center aspires to be the most stable training and coaching environment in the world, while also being one of the most creative and free-thinking," said Pfaff, citing the vision he shares with Godina for developing athletes, coaches, and support staff. "It is the ideal place for me to combine and convey everything I’ve learned in my career. I’m blessed to coach some of the best athletes in the world, proud that many of them have chosen to join me in Phoenix, and pleased that in my new role at the World Athletics Center I will be able to help develop some of the best coaches in the world, as well."

Books By Alumni Now On Amazon Ebooks
Ed Dwyer, class of 1976, has authored a book titled "This Generation, No Imagination" and it is now on Amazon ebooks. Ed says the book is about growing up in Northridge, with all the funny stories of things we did.The pranks, gags, stunts, and mischevious things we did to amues and keep ourselves entertained.  The link to Ed's book is HERE.
Keith Shetterly, class of 1976, also has books on Amazon Ebooks. Keith's books are "The Sparkle" which is a children's book and can be found HERE.  Another book is "Outhouse Ponderins" and contains dozens of humorous and thoughtful cartoons about what do we think when we have time to think. This book can be found HERE.

 A 1958 Visit To The Air Force Museum 
Take a stroll around the Air Force Museum in Fairborn, Ohio and see the vintage Thunderbirds perform. The following video of the U.S. Air Force Museum at Patterson Field  was photographed sometime in 1958 with an 8 mm analog film movie camera. The film was then converted to digital video. The quality of the picture is not the best but I thought it might be of interest.   1958 visit.  
About 400 WWI pilots convene at USAF Museum in 1962 Wright-Patterson AFB. Frank Tallman flys a Pfalz ... Jenny, Nieuport 28 and Sopwith Camel.    1962 visit.
The Sauer Tarzinski Education Fund, hereafter referred to as STEF, is dedicated to education enrichment for students of the Northridge Local School system. STEF shall engage in activities including but not limited to:

(1)  Providing funding for teachers to use field trips, guest speakers, demonstrations, assemblies and/or any other purpose that be of benifit to the education of students of Northridge Schools.

(2)  To receive contributions and donations of money, other property or services so that the purposes of STEF may be carried out.

(3)  To do all things necessary or incidental to carry out the foregoing purposes.

We are always looking for people who want to get involved and help Northridge students. A little time today may help many  students tomorrow. Consider attending one of the STEF meetings.

 To view the complete story about the STEF organization, please visit our website HERE. 

Check out these fine wheels owned by NHS alumni. Have a special car, submit a picture, HERE, of your car for posting on the alumni car show.  
Click on yellow convertible to go to the car show.

1955 Chevrolet BelAire and 1955 Ford Thunderbird

NHS Alumni Car Show
Click On Yellow Car For Ticket To Car Show

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