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The reservation form is for the 2021 class reunion, for your use and return. Hopefully, all of our classmates will join us for our 55th +1class reunion. It is always nice to see everyone and talk about our paths through life. However, if you cannot attend, please update your contact information, including an email address. This makes it easier for the committee to contact our classmates to share information about the class.

Additionally, if anyone has contact information for the following classmates, please let the committee know:

  • Patricia Kay Barnes

  • Martina Jones

  • Robert Mount Jr.

  • Nancy Lou Rinehart

  • Sharon Lee Sallee

  • Sherry Ann Sutherland

  • Barbara Lee (Thomas) Clouse/Kline

  • Sue Ann Twyman

  • David Allen Wolf

  • Phyllis Profit

  • Sarah (Schiml) Bein

  • Raymond (Ray) Wallen

Let us make the 55th +1Reunion a time to remember!

It has been an interesting and challenging year. First we could not reserve Celebrations’ II for our scheduled date of September 19, 2020. So we had to accept Celebrations’ I and plan around that. Then COVID-19 entered everyone’s vocabulary, resulting in the postponement of our 50th class reunion. Once it looked like we could hold our 50 + 1 class reunion as the challenges of COVID-19 began to recede from everyone’s concerns; the committee worked to reschedule. First we worked to secure Celebrations’ II only to find out that it had been sold. Additionally, Celebrations’ I was on the market and would most likely not be available for our use on September 18, 2021.

Given the difficulty of locating a venue to hold this event on the scheduled date, it became a scramble to secure a location. After much effort by members of the committee, the American Legion Post 746 on N. Dixie Dr. was secured for the September 18, 2021 date has been reserved. The reunion will be held on the upper floor with entry at that level (handicap accessible). We will also have access to bar services on the lower level for those of us who indulge in adult beverages.

Once the committee completes the 55 + 1 Reunion, it will begin to plan for our next milestone, the 60th Reunion. Given the limited choices of venue within the Northridge area, the committee will expand its search to find a venue for the 2025 reunion year. Should anyone have any suggestions for venue, meal style or catering recommendations, please let us know. In the meantime the Committee hopes to see everyone attend, as the class membership continues to become smaller each year.

NOTES: Due to the expenses involved with touring the newest school facility, the tour has been dropped. Given the lack of response associated with gathering for “Breakfast,” it has been dropped. However, for those interested in meeting on Saturday morning, please let one of us know and we can make arrangements for Bob Evans or George’s as desired.